Sunday, July 23, 2017

Canoga Park - Structure fire | Raw footage

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A rubbish fire broke out to the rear of a reported a shotgun style residence this evening in Canoga Park. 

July 23, 2017 Sunday 8:38 p.m. 

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The residence is sandwiched between two large commercial buildings as fire from the stacks of rubbish behind the small residential building extended to the back of the structure and caught some of the trees on fire and a lip of the roof to the attic.

Twenty-four Firefighters from 4 to 5 fire stations and two hook and ladders from two different Fire Department engine companies in Los Angeles along with two Battalion Chiefs who set up an incident command post on site had the flames knocked down in a matter of 9 minutes upon arrival. 

The people who occupied this building were mostly all outside when Fire Officials and Police arrived to search for trapped victims. 

No injuries were reported and the rubbish to the rear was extinguished in a matter of minutes when Firefighters of E72 arrived first on scene.

Their efforts and quick response with professional training is what saved the people’s lives and further injuries and damages that could have been if the flames jumped the roof top into the neighboring commercial buildings which surrounds four major city blocks of residential apartment duplexes up and down the streets full of families who just arrived home after work to care for their children. 

L.A.P.D. created a secure zone and Fire Officials help seal off the scene from the over 100+ lookee-loo’s and curious bystanders who created a blockage of streets, and sidewalks till the Police could get on scene to create a secure zone for the Los Angeles Firefighters to do their jobs correctly without injuring anyone in the process. 

The metro Orange Line Bus terminal parking lot was utilized by the L.A. Fire Dept Rescue Ambulance vehicles as they waited for orders to any fire victims needing transportation to local hospitals. 

Check out our raw footage of this scene. Though we got stuck at that light too, with Fire and Police. 

Raw footage

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Sunday July 23, 2017 , 8:41 p.m. Canoga Park, California
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