Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lexus CT200 Runs a Red Light - Car Crash in Woodland Hills, 1 injured Saturday

A Major Car Crash at the 6000 Block of Canoga Ave., 1 injured after lady ran the Red Light

Woodland Hills News Saturday May 27, 2017 10:00 a.m. Photo Credits: Mike Amiri
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The female driver of the black 4-door Lexus CT200 was traveling at regularly posted speed limits on Canoga Ave heading Northbound and failed to yield her red light, Witnesses said.

Witnesses stated to Police:  

"She didn’t stop, she ran the red light and half way into the intersection crossing Oxnard St. an approaching vehicle heading at regular posted speed limit Eastbound, also a female driver driving a black SUV Lexus crashed into the CT200 Lexus head-on into the CT200 Lexus’ driver side". 

The CT200 Lexus female driver who was at fault, said witnesses at the scene, for running a cold red light had failed to yield on-coming drivers in their right-of-way heading Eastbound Oxnard St. while they had their green traffic signal light, witnesses at scene told Tv News Services Baddboyfilms News. 

Police and L.A.F.D. Firefighters and Rescuers from R.A. 873 and Los Angeles Fire Department Truck E84 Woodland Hills, CA. arrived on scene to check for patients, injuries and extracted a young female driver from her black 4-door CT200 Lexus. 

Paramedics noted the patient complaining of head and neck and back pains so they took precautions and placed her in a backboard, C-Spin immobilization and collar neck brace to prevent further probable injuries internally and transported the patient to the Emergency Room for treatment at one of the local hospitals. 

The driver of the SUV Lexus who ran head-on into the CT200 Lexus was reportedly only shaken up and more worried for the safety of the other driver  she crashed into at the light.

The car accident took place this morning just after 10:00 a.m. intersection Canoga Ave. and Oxnard St. next to the newly built Starbucks Cafe and close to Fry’s Electronics parking lot. The 6000 block of Canoga Ave. in Woodland Hills, 1 block from Warner Park of Warner Center. No other passengers reported in the cars and no other injuries were reported. Topanga Police are handling this accident scene and the investigation is pending. 

It is unclear the extent of the injuries to the female who ran the red light and was crashed into. 

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