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Woodland Hills Singer Cuba Gooding Sr. Dies at 72 | The Main Ingredient

Cuba Gooding Sr., suddenly died while parking his car at his work after hours. 

Story/Photo credits: Baddboyfilms News - Los Angeles April 20, 2017 Woodland Hills, CA.

Woodland Hills Topanga Police found the body of the 1970s Celebrity laying across the passenger's seat inside his silver 2012 Jaguar April 20, 2017 Thursday at 1:48 p.m. by LAPD Officers at the 22100 block of Ventura Blvd. The car was parked near the intersection of Ventura Boulevard at Farralone Ave. in Woodland Hills, CA.

More than 50 bystanders and curious passerby's asked questions why the 72 year old Celebrity and lead singer of the famous 1970s group The Main Ingredient. The group was formed in Harlem, New York City in 1964 as a trio called the Poets, composed of lead singer Donald McPherson, Luther Simmons, Jr., and Panama-born Tony Silvester. 

They made their first recordings for Leiber & Stoller's Red Bird label, but soon changed their name to the Insiders and signed with RCA Records. In 1968, after a couple of singles, they changed their name once again, this time permanently, to The Main Ingredient. The name came from a Coke bottle.

Rescue Ambulance from the Los Angeles City Fire Department Paramedics pronounced Sr. Cuba Gooding dead at the scene today Thursday at 1:pm.

Police posted a tent over the deceased body of Mr. Gooding Sr. to preserve him from the multiple Television News camera crews as the block was crawling with Television news reporters who heard over the police scanners that a dead body, that of a male has been found inside a 2012 silver gray Jag parked on Ventura Blvd. just past noon today. 

The Tv reporters fought for position on sidewalks to get a professional glimpse at the body of the man reported dead at the scene. He was originally inside his car but when Police called for L.A.F.D. to send Paramedics. 

L.A. Firefighters and First Responders E.M.T. Paramedics arrived to serve up Basic Life Support on Mr. Cuba Gooding Senior and they had to relocate his limp body from within his Jaguar to the ground outside of his car on the sidewalk to administer a electric shock to his heart from a machine called:  PHYSIO CONTROL LIFEPAK 15 MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR to awake the heart while hooking Mr. Gooding upon to the E.K.G. report machine to try to revive the 72 year-old man from his non-responsive position. 

The Los Angeles City Fire and Paramedics told Police on scene that the male, in his 70s was unresponsive to their attempts to revive his heart and he was continuously in a non breathing state. 

Singer Cuba Gooding Sr.'  body temperature was dropping fast and the longer it took to revive him the more likely the chance he would suffer long term brain damage due to the lack of Oxogen stagnate throughout his brain. 

"Every second counted and Sr. Cuba Gooding's prognosis looked bleak". 

"In the old days, the paramedics one last resort would be to attempt to penetrate his main artery with Intracardiac injection (although this procedure it considered obsolete) and administer a few compressions to the chest cavity then administer instant shock from the defibrillator and if he was still unresponsive, he would be then considered deceased." 

It was unclear if the Los Angeles Fire Chief authorized the injection of the Intracardiac injection
 into the Celebrity's Jugular vain as he was at his ends in this world or not but if he tried it, might of not worked because the Police suggested to Tv News media on scene that the patient Cuba Gooding Sr. most likely had ingested an overdose amount of prescription medication then chased it with alcohol at about a few minutes close to 20 from the time he passed out and stopped breathing, leading to the stoppage of his heart while he was sitting inside his car just outside from where he worked, Police said. 

TRAGIC On Scene - Raw Footage:
Baddboyfilms News

With the body location of Cuba Gooding Sr. as he laid unawakened from his eternal resting place across the street. 

BREAKING NEWS Woodland Hills - Man’s dead body was found inside a parked Jaguar on Ventura Blvd. An investigation is underway to lead to the cause of death, said the Los Angeles Assistant Coroner's Office Official.
Singer Cuba Gooding Sr., 72 Woodland Hills: 

The 72-year old body of a man was discovered late Thursday evening at 3:51 p.m. by the Los Angeles police Department which was inside a 2012 silver Jaguar, while the man was slumped over the steering wheel. 

The Main Ingredient is an American soul and R&B group best known for their 1972 hit song "Everybody Plays the Fool".

RCA Records 


Singer Cuba Gooding Sr. was found dead in Woodland Hills April 20, 2017 Thursday at close to 4:00 p.m. by LAPD Officers at the 22100 block of Ventura Blvd. slumped over his steering wheel inside he car parked near Farralone Ave.

Celebrity 1970's Singer Cuba Gooding Sr. was found dead in Woodland Hills Tonight.