Tuesday, May 29, 2018

LA Metro Orange Line Canoga Police Shot Man with a Taser Gun | Baddboyfilms News

Man shot by Police with non-lethal force - Taser gun. 
Canoga Park, LA Metro Orange Line Station

May 29, 2018, (Tuesday) News credits: Baddboyfilms News, Los Angeles

LAPD sought a male suspect believed to be involved with a petty theft at the mall. 

Officers arrived upon a man fitting the description inside the Orange Line bus terminal of Canoga Park LA Metro station off Victory Bl. at Canoga Av. 

 When officers asked for the man’s ID, he became hostile and pulled out his golden colored iPhone to openly show the officers he is filming them. 

They asked him to put down the cameraphone, they wore bodyCams too. At this time, they asked the suspect where he had come from this morning, giving him a chance to answer.

LaPD Tasered Man after Stealing From Target Westfield - Topanga

Two white Police caught on Video shooting a Black man with a Taser Gun while he was already in handcuffs and screaming. 

LAPD - Topanga seen on Video Tasering a shoplifter suspect that had allegedly stole $300+ in Movie DVDs from Westfield - Topanga on Tuesday May 29, 2018 at 9:00am. Police sought the man who Loss Prevention reported over a 911 call to Police from the Target store at Westfield Topanga Village Mall in Woodland Hills / Warner Center.

Baddboyfilms News

Local Canoga Park Shoplifting at Westfield - Topanga Target Stores, Suspect Arrested

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